The First Real Estate Collection on cardano
with a gallery for your NFTs

Homes in the deepest seas, to as high as the moon

ADA Homes is a collection of stylistically distinct and meticulously hand-drawn homes especially created for the Cardano ecosystem to house your most prized NFTs. ADA Homes features hundreds of attributes and street names, and introduces utility never before seen on Cardano.

Connect with your friends in the metaverse in a new and innovative way featuring your very own unique home address and a personal gallery showcasing the NFTs you love. 

Genesis Mint Sold Out
Head to Jpg Store to Purchase an ADA Home

collect, display, and share your cnfts
in your very own ada home

Welcome to the Neighborhood

A neighborhood of famous CNFT streets and 1:1 UNIQUE HOMES

Pack your boxes and move into your home located on one of the many streets that were created in partnership with some of Cardano's beloved projects. We also custom-built 1:1 homes especially for some of our partners including and Clumsy Ghosts, with more 1:1 homes under construction for other partners such as Chilled Kongs and SohoKids! 


Living in the ADA Homes neighborhood also gets you access to our community featuring partnerships with some of the most beloved projects on Cardano. We host regular promotions, airdrops, giveaways, whitelist programs, and more in collaboration with other great CNFT projects. Stay connected and meet your future neighbors!


PHASE 1 COMPLETE - Genesis Mint Sold Out!

Mint the first collection drop of ~1111 hand-drawn homes on February 25th, the first real estate NFT on Cardano to showcase your NFT collection.

PHASE 2 COMPLETE - Visit to view the interactive Neighborhood Directory & NFT Gallery.

Immediately after mint, ADA Homes owners will gain access to:

  • A shareable NFT Gallery showcasing CNFTs
  • A one of a kind street address 
  • Access to the Neighborhood Directory 
  • Access to the ADA Homes Rarity Chart
  • Eligibility for future airdrops, partnerships, contests and much more - stay tuned!

Our community is the backbone of this project. We hope to continue to build & enrich our homeowners...the possibilities are endless!

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I mint?

Our genesis mint is now sold out!

Head to to purchase a home on the secondary market. 

Join our Discord for future drops, giveaways, sneak peeks, and more information about the project.  

How many ADA Homes will be released on Cardano?

~1111 homes were released for our genesis mint, and the remaining homes will be released in March/April. 

What is the mint price?

88 ADA

Where will I be able to buy/resell ADA Homes?

ADA Homes will be available for buying and selling on immediately after mint.

Is there be a rarity chart?

Yes! See our page below.

Will the Neighborhood Directory & NFT Gallery be available at mint?

Yes! The Neighborhood Directory and NFT Gallery are now live!

Head to

Do you plan to donate to any charities in the future?

As a collection on Cardano, we are inspired by its mission and also want to build for positive change. 

This is why we intend to donate part of our mint proceeds to affordable housing and community development organizations such as Mercy Home and Beyond Housing, with the goal of utilizing ADA Homes as a vehicle for long-term change in the real world.

Art Style & Inspiration

Bright. Vibrant. Fun.

ADA Homes are carefully hand-drawn with whimsical features inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's masterpiece 'Le Petit Prince' - a story about an explorer visiting planets of various fantastical terrain.

The color palette is vibrant and cheerful with bright yellows and brilliant blues partly derived from another classic work - The Simpsons - a series focused on daily life in a community filled with fun, eccentric characters.

We are also inspired by some of the great projects that came before us (Metavillage, Pavia, Decentraland, Solsteads, Towerdao,, Avax Homes, NFT Eyez, NFT Flex, Withkoji), and intend to bring the very best features such as the NFT gallery to the Cardano NFT space while focusing on the beauty of how NFTs can celebrate and bring communities together.

ADA Homes brings a fresh perspective to real estate in the metaverse with a collection of extraordinary homes; each equipped with an NFT gallery feature and membership to our own colorful community of CNFT enthusiasts.

Rarity Chart


HOUSES - 32%

House - 32%

Longhouse - 27%

Fortress - 21%

Box - 8%

Rocket - 7%

Pyramid - 5%

None - 40%
Rain - 15%
Snow - 15%
Windy - 15%
Birds - 10%
Tornado - 5%

Hills - 17%
Beach - 15%
Waves - 12%
Mountains - 12%
Winter - 11%
Volcano - 11%
Seafloor - 11%
Vacation - 10%
Clouds - 8%
Moon - 5%

Day - 30%
Night - 30%
Space - 11%
Sunset - 9%
Clouds - 8%
Underwater - 7%
Storm - 5%

Lasers - 5%
Longhouse Rooftop Pool - 1%
Box Duct Tape - 0.8%

Alien in Rocket Window - 0.5%
Pyramid Rays - 0.5%

*Rarity percentages for additional special traits like messages, ivy, roof plants, and window types coming soon!

Meet the Team

Our team is made up of passionate individuals on a mission to using dazzling art to bring value & utility into the Cardano ecosystem.


Co-Founder, ADA Homes

Alice is the lead designer of ADA Homes reimagining home ownership in the metaverse in a unique way through unconventional housing types & terrains. She is a dedicated creative with the intention of making art that inspires and brings joy.


Co-Founder, ADA Homes

Carl is a real estate guru and urban planner irl. He brings a wealth of experience in community-building and excited to bring elements of real-life communities into the metaverse while continuing to support real-world initiatives such as affordable housing. 


Lead Engineer

Jake is the lead engineer building brand new features and capabilities for the project on Cardano. He joins the team with years of software engineering experience and a passion for building bleeding-edge functionality in Web3.

The First Real Estate Collection on cardano with a gallery for your NFTs